Morality and Society: Are We Going Straight to Hell?

I sometimes hear people saying that morals in America are declining. I often wonder if that's really the case. Some go so far as to insinuate that there was no sin prior to 1950. That's clearly a load of crap, but have our ideas about morals declined since then? As I watch "Leave it to Beaver" I think to myself, "Wow, this is wholesome" and "Wow, I'm really bored." Have I been corrupted by the sinny sinfulness of our society?

Luckily, I know there is a place I can go for information that is always true - the Internet. I've discovered a wonderful thing called GoogleTrends. You can compare two search terms to see which one is searched more often. It's pretty fascinating and ultimatley meaningless, but I used it for research. Let's examine what I've uncovered.


First, two very general terms: good vs. evil.

Good vs. Evil

It seems that people are searching for good more often than evil. I suppose this makes sense, how many people purposely look for evil? Adolf Hitler? Pol Pot? Shirley and Lambchop? It would seem that good and evil are matters of opinion. Some people think a diamond is a good symbol of love. Others think it is a evil symbol of African forced labor in the diamond mines so that women can own diamonds and show all of their friends.


Second, more general terms: church vs. porn

Church vs. Porn

This is not a surprise. The internet is pornography's best and most efficient medium. You can't download church online. Well, I guess you could, but why not just go to church. I mean watching a video of church would be pretty sedative-ful.


Thirdly, let's break down that previous search into two of it's components - Bible

Bible vs. boobs

Now, this is a surprise! It wasn't until 2008 that wicked pulchritude pulled into the lead. Why is it a surprise? Men, which one do you think about more? Be honest.


Fouthish, some people gauge evil with politics: Obama vs. McCain.

Obama vs. McCain

They say the media loves Obama. Apparently, the internet loves him too, even in 2004. I'll let you decide if this is a sign of declining morals.
You've decided it's not, right?


Fifther, can America make good choices? Firefox vs. Internet Exploder

Firefox vs. Crap

Good taste America! By looking for Firefox, you are telling Internet Exploder that you will no longer tolerate it's putrid, oozing suckiness. I'm proud.

As with the rest of life, you win some and lose some. I'm still not sure if morals are declining or if we're just being honest with ourselves. If we really are going down the drain, remember what Henry Allen said, "It is better for civilization to be going down the drain than to be coming up it."

Are we going to hell? The Bible says yes, we are all wicked abominations, every last one of us. Of course, I could just be misunderstanding.

August 2008