The Obama Inauguration

Like many Americans, I was able to get some awesome pictures of the Obama Inauguration. Unlike most Americans, my camera is able to get shots that most cameras don't pick up.

Imaginary Guests

Millions of Americans showed up to see the historic inauguration. In fact, even imaginary people showed. Can you find all 4?


Karl Rove

Before the ceremonies began, Karl Rove took a moment at the pulpit to think about what he really wanted to do in Iraq, Iran and possibly Argentina.


Aretha Franklin

When I first saw Aretha Franklin, I noticed her crazy overdone hat. But then I realized she was Aretha Franklin, that makes it ok.


Itzhak Perlman

However, that doesn't explain why Itzhak Perlman was wearing the exact same hat.


Biden and Obama

Both Biden and Obama seemed very introspective, but they were really playing video games the whole time.


Bush and the Obamas

After the ceremony, former President Bush confronted Sasha about her shortiness and cutieness.


Fire Sasha

Sensing danger, Sasha used the flame thrower the CIA implanted in her mouth.

January 2009