New Books!

I recently took a trip to a local bookstore and was amazed by all the new books that had come out just this month. This month is a gold mine for nerdish-book-readey people. There's riveting fiction, tearful heartwarmers, chilling terror, brilliant self-help, and political intrigue. What more could you want"

Conspiracy Extra Double Secret Conspiracy
By Robert Ludlum
"More twists and turns than an unmarked dirt road in Tennessee. More twists than Law and Order."Washington Intellegencer
Higgins Shut up, Whore!
by Mary Higgins Clark
"A riveting story of a loud-mouth prostitute and 73 other characters whose lives are inextricably and mysteriously linked on a cruise ship" New York Times
Steno The Steno Pad
By Nicolas Sparks
"We cried. Who knew an office romance could be so touching? Really, we cried." Cast of The View
Spooky SPOOKY!
By Stephen King
"More terrifying than Gerald's Game and The Regulators combined!" LA Times
Dune Dune: Eternity
By Frank Herbert
"This posthumously published novel is #38 in the Dune series. This book explores the previously unmentioned delicate balance between the Bene Gesserit, the Landsraad, the Spacing Guild and the Emperor." Sacramento Times News
Bobbette How Not to Let Your Mustache Grow Out of Hand
By Bobbette Overwood
"Very, very, very disturbing, and who is Bobette Overwood?" Idaho State Journal
Dyer The Power of Positiveness and Stuff
By Wayne Dyer
"Seriously? Another book loaded with dubious assertions. I can't stand Wayne Dyer." -Wayne Dyer
Suze Stop Being Such a Retard about Money
By Suze Orman
"Suze Orman delivers the goods in this hard hitting book. It's loaded with vague suggestions that are probably not applicable to you." Ladies Home Journal
Laura The Reason I'm Such a Jerk
By Dr.Laura
"This book explained so much about Laura Schlessinger. I no longer want to choke her to death." Florence Henderson
Newt Just Because I'm Evil Doesn"t Mean I Can't Be President!
By Newt Gingrich
"Another great book in the tradition of blaming Clinton for all the world's evils. From abortion to WWII, everything is Bill Clinton's fault." Bill O'Rielly
Obama I'm Not a Terrorist, I'm Just Black
by Barack Obama
"Senator Obama lays it all on the line in this tell-all biography. He clears up all of the misconceptions about people who aren't white." Seattle Times

February 2008