Inspirational Posters

Over the years, inspirational posters have inspired us to understand, forgive and love each other. However, they rarely inspire heartless cruelty. It's about time they did. Viva soul crushing callousness!



Children don't have unconditional love, they're just unsure about why they should hate you.



Of all God's Creations, you are the most hideous.



I've often debated if killing you would be murder or charity.



You have a fat butt, lardo.



I was just wondering why I've never pushed you down the stairs. Then I realized, I've never been on the stairs with you. FYI, the elevator is broken today.



When I look at this picture I remember that cold winter day, and that poor hooker someone stranded out there. I guess I should have helped her. Too late now, I suppose.

November 2006