Celebrities are Freaks and Monsters

I once saw a segment in People Magazine called "Celebrities are just like you". It showed pictures of celebrities doing normal things with captions explaining what that normal thing is. Like a picture of Courtney Cox eating a bagel with a caption saying, "Courtney Cox eats bagels". Yes, it was stupid. It's People Magazine. The magazine changed its tune and decided to show how celebrities are freaks and monsters. The pictures were poorly photoshoped and caused a lot of controversy. After just one issue they canceled the segment.

Angelina Jolie writes haikus as a refugee camp burns

Jolie's publicist said this picture was clearly fake and that she was writing sonnets.


Paris Hilton screams at Mother Teresa and calls her 'Queen of Skanks'

Paris' mother reminded the magazine that Paris never met Mother Teresa, mostly because the nun died more than 10 years ago.


Ming Na eyeballs a tasty dog

This upset a lot of people. Korean-American comedianne, Margaret Cho, said, "That is racist! That is so racist! RACIST!!! and...um...ching chong."


Tay Zonday marries his keyboard in a beautiful Catholic cermony

Tay Zonday himself sent an email saying that he has never been to a Catholic Church, due to dogmatic rain.


Tom Cruise attempts to melt Oprah's face with his heat vision

That's ridiculous. Everyone knows Oprah is impervious to heat vision.

March 2007