Obsolete Instruments Rock!


The Harpsichord is probably the most famous of the obselete
instruments. Watch Ton Koopman rock out on this extra fancy
harpsichord. Seriously, he rocks out.



A Clavichord is similar to a harpsichord, but it's rectangular and
you can put it on a table top. You could also take it with you
on a long bus ride and wow hobos with baroque music.



You probably have always thought recorders were a way for
fourth grade teachers to punish parents. Not so. There are some
awesome recorder players.



The Theorbo or Archlute is a gigantic lute with 14 strings.
I think some men play them to compensate.



The Viola da Gamba is somewhat like a cello, but has about 7
strings and frets. A lot fat baby angels play them in paintings.



A Hurdy Gurdy produces sound by cranking an inner cylinder
that is somewhat like a violin bow. This video shows a woman
who needs to eat something playing on in a subway.



The Barytone has a set of bowed string and a set of plucked
strings. How cool is that? Cooler than Kool-Aid.



Portative organs are tiny organs that were originally played
by elves. You can take them anywhere you want, in case you
want to sing hymns in the bathroom.



Here's an ancient music explod-o-rama! There are theorbos,
lutes, a dulcimer, a shawm and a counter-tenor. The best part
is when one of the theorbo players looks longingly at the counter-tenor.

February 2009