Tales of Mild Terror

Don't Ever Step on a Grave

Julie never liked graveyards. She always thought a field full of dead people was kind of creepy. But her friend at the hospital, DaYondra, had talked her into to going to a graveyard on Halloween night.

"Girl, you are freaky uptight. Really, you got to loosen up. You spend to much time working in this stinky hospital. It's Halloween, You need a good scare...and some man meat. But we can take care of that later." said DaYondra.

Julie rolled her eyes. "Yondra, that's your solution to everything. Like, why would I want to go to a graveyard? They are sooo creepy. I just want to go home and watch the episodes of Degrassi I Tivoed"

"Girl, I aint askin'. You comin' to that graveyard with me or I will kick your skinny little white girl booty up and down this hallway."

Julie and DaYondra drove to the old City Cemetery. The night was somewhat overcast, but a full moon was seen from time to time through the gray clouds. As they passed the cornfields, which were now dried up and decorated with scarecrows, DaYondra decided it was time to set the mood. Plus she needed to fart and thought talking would be a good way to cover the sound. So, she told Julie that her Great Aunt Lucinda used to take her to the graveyard when she was a little girl and scare her half to death.

"Ya know, they say you should neva step on a grave. Stirs up bad spirits. They reach up through the ground and pull you down into the grave with 'em." DaYondra said in her spookiest voice.

"Yondra, stop trying to scare me. It's totally not going to work. OMG, do you think I'm like, five years old."

"Hmm, we'll see. I'm gonna have you crying like a baby."

"Whatever, you are sooo totally full of crap." Julie paused to look out the window. "OMG, did you fart. That is soo gross, like, ewwwwwww! You are so mature."

"Shut up and get out of my car." DaYondra sassed as they pulled up to the cemetery parking lot.

They slowly walked through the dark, silent graveyard. They came upon the perfect grave - a tall stone cross with plenty of space around it. DaYondra explained the rules.

"Alright, you gots to stand on this grave and count to five. Then you stick this pocket knife into the ground. That stops the spirits from following ya." she said "But you gots to do it alone. I'm gonna go hide behind that tree."

"Like, this is so dumb. I can't believe I'm doing this. So stupid." Julie said under her breath. She paused and reluctantly went to the grave.

"One."said Julie impatiently

DaYondra quickly pulled the werewolf mask out of her purse.



"Oh, she is gonna pee her pants."DaYondra chuckled to herself.



The very moment Julie was putting the knife into the ground, DaYondra jumped out from behind the tree. Her arms flailing, she howled and growled like a wolf. Julie screamed and tried to run away, unfortuneatley during DaYondra's scare she put the knife through her flip-flop and into the ground. She was stuck. She let out a blood-curdling scream and passed out. DaYondra walked slowly toward the grave.

"Oh, she is such a baby."

As soon as the words left her lips she noticed the ground seemed to be moving. A hand dug it's way out the ground and began choking Julie. DaYondra began mumbling incoherently and turned to run. She didn't make it far before she came face to face with a horrible zombie. It groaned and lurched toward her, stumbling more than walking. Suddenly she heard a thunderous noise. She looked up in time to see American Airlines Flight 1122 heading straight for her.

The plane crash destroyed most of the cemetery. There was only one survivor, but the zombies ate his brains.

October 2008